Wednesday, January 10, 2007

An Indian in Pakistan

An Indian was travelling in a train in Pakistan, along with his pregnant wife. A few Pak army officers were also travelling in the same compartment.

As every body knows ,the pakis think they are a little too smart and also try to show their superiority in all aspects,they tried to act little smart and embarrass the Indian.They thought at the same time, it would be a good time-pass too. So, one of them went and sat beside the man.

The Smart officer asked the man, "Are you an Indian?????".

Yes", the man replied proudly.

The officer then said, "Is you wife pregnant????"

Yes", replied the man. He was a bit annoyed by the question as it was obviously visible that his wife was pregnant and the officer still asked that question. But he kept quiet. Now, the officer thought it was time to have some fun.

He asked the Indian, "If it is a boy, what would you like him to be?????"

"I'd make him a Software Engineer", the man said proudly.

"What if it is a girl????" asked the officer.

"I'd make her a doctor", the man replied.

Now, the officer gave the man a naughty grin and said, "What if it is neither a boy nor a girl?"

Now the smart Indian realized the whole point of this officer speaking to him. He realized that these officers were trying to embarrass him so he decided to give it back to them.

He thought for a second, returned the same naughty smile back to the officer and said, "In that case, he will join the Pakistan army......."

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