Saturday, January 27, 2007

Why Waheeda Rehman Didn't Change?

Question : Why Waheeda Rehman didn't change the saree throughout the song in Guide?

All of you must have seen the Dev Anand mega hit film 'Guide'. In the film there is a famous song 'gaata rahe mera dil...'. In this song, Waheeda Rehman wears a pink saree and throughout the song wears the same dress.

So when we have a trend of heroines changing clothes every sequence, the big question is: Why doesn't Waheda Rehman change her saree throughout the entire song? The answer to this is simply amazing and no amount of head scratching will give

And the answer is...

scroll down...

Because in the first stanza of the song, Dev Anand sings the following lines:

'Oo mere humrahi,
meri bah thamen chalna,
badle duniya 'SAREE' ,
tum na badalna...'

do you also feel like pulling your hair after reading this?

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