Saturday, February 3, 2007

Aussies Vs. India - Bal Thackeray

A cricket match is on between the Aussies & Indians at Wankhede Stadium. Bal Thackeray is sitting in the balcony watching it.

Suddenly Sachin hits a sixer to McGrath and the ball lands up just next to Bal Thackeray's seat.
McGrath shouts, 'Hey ! Gimme the ball back.' Thackeray shouts back, 'A, Maratheet bol.'

McGrath doesn't understand a thing & repeats his statement. This gets the same reply from Thackeray.
Now, a security official standing at the boundary goes to McGrath & tells him, 'Sir, that is Bal Thackeray.'

Now McGrath is excited, (as he has heard about him) and shouts, 'OH! BALL TAK RAY!' Bal Thackeray is happy and throws the ball back to him.

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