Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sardar's Newborn Girl

Once a sardarji marries a girl, within one and a half years he gets a baby girl.He is very upset as he expected a boy.
But he decides to tell people that it is a boy and not a girl!!!!At the naming ceremony of the child, two of his sardarji friends look at the child for the first time. As told earlier, the sardar tells them that its a boy!!!
The two sardarji friends tell the father of the child that the eyes of the new born child are like him, he child's nose is also like that of the sardar.
Suddenly the new born baby urinates on one of the sardar friends.
hey take out the nappy to clean the baby, Alas they are shocked to see that it is a baby girl.
They ask the father sardarji the reason for this. He answers in a COOL way,
"Are bhai, you said the baby's eyes and nose are like me, So something should be like its mother also SAMJHE KYA?"

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