Sunday, June 3, 2007

Anytime Anywhere

A couple was having problems with their love life. So they decided to consult a local sexologist.
They had an open conversation about their preferences and ways of "doing it".

The sexologist gave them this advice - "The main reason why you are not doing well is because of a fixed place and fixed time for it. Remember, if you delay your natural urge it will only become more difficult and eventually it will become impossible to enjoy it. So my advice to you is to just do it anywhere anytime. Remember, anywhere anytime without waiting, be it the dining hall, the drawing room, the restroom or even the closet.........morning, afternoon or night........just enjoy for the moment.......anywhere and anytime."

The couple came back next week happy and fulfilled. The sexologist asked them about their first experience to which the husband replied somewhat reluctantly.- "Well, it was a nice and quite evening. We were enjoying our meal and we started talking hot.......My wife looked at me with those eyes and I knew what was to be done. We had it coming so we made love then and there on the table without waiting to finish eating.......... It was unlike anything we did before."

"Wow!thats great!You should try that sometime again then!",said the sexologist.

The husband replied,"I don't think that's possible........."


"Well, the manager of the restaurant got us kicked out the last time and I don't think they are going to let us in again!"

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