Saturday, May 10, 2008

Zip It Up

A patient with severe stomach ache went to doctor who advised operation and removal of Appendix. Operation over and discharged. Pain reappeared. After examining him doctor said " During the operation, a scissors has been left in the stomach. We will remove it". After getting discharged, once again there was severe pain in the abdomen. Patient became furious. Doctor after examining said in an apologetic tone, "Sorry Sir, there was a mistake. A scalpel is inside the abdomen. It has to be removed. The operation will be done at our cost."

Patient agreed. Operation was successful. After removing the scalpel, the doctors were about to suture the wound. At that time, anesthetic effect had gone and patient became conscious. He told "Don't suture the wound. Instead put a Zip so that I myself can take out anything left inside !"

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