Saturday, July 19, 2008

Junk Food

Billy's mother was dropping him off at the carnival while she did shopping and errands.

"Enjoy yourself, dear!" she said as she handed Billy a large string of carnival tickets.

"Oh, boy! I will!" Billy said as he took the tickets and ran toward the festivities.

Several hours later, Billy's mother returned. She sought him out sitting on a bench not looking so good.

"Well, are you enjoying yourself, dear?" she asked.

"I am but my stomach isn't!" Billy replied. "The ice cream sundae, cotton candy, pizza pie and hot dog I ate is making me wanna throw up!"

"Well it serves you right!" the mother lectured. "Who told you to buy all that JUNK FOOD?"

"What else could I do?" the boy bellowed as he held up the remainder of the carnival tickets. "You gave me all this JUNK MONEY!"

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