Saturday, July 19, 2008


A businessman and a priest were playing golf one afternoon.

The businessman swung his iron and missed completely. "Bugger it, missed!" he snarled.

The priest admonished the businessman. "Don't swear like that, my son!" he said.

"Sorry," the businessman said. "I'll try to be more careful.

But it happened again. He swung without success and once again exclaimed, "Bugger it, missed!" Again the priest admonished him and again he apologized.

When it happened for a third time, the priest was livid. "God will surely punish you if you don't stop!" he lectured. The businessman promised to behave himself.

For the fourth try, he took careful aim, swung and missed, and once again, started with the same exclamation. He got as far as "Bugg..." when there was a loud boom of thunder and a bolt of lightning that struck the golf course, missing the businessman by only a couple of feet.

A moment later, a voice boomed from the Heavens: "Bugger it, missed!"

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