Monday, July 25, 2011

Rajanikant Jokes - Part I

Recently China airports were closed due to heavy fog...later it was discovered that Rajanikanth was smoking in india!

Rajanikanth did his kindergarden from seven different those places are known as IITs!

Government of India pays tax to Rajanikanth for living in India!

Definition of solar eclipse: when Rajanikanth stares at sun with anger, sun hides behind the moon. This great phenomena is called solar eclipse.

Rajanikanth woke up one day and decided he should share atleast one percent of his knowledge with the world..thus, Google was born.

Think what would have happened if Rajani would have born 150 years ago?????
Ans: British would have fought for independance.

Best Rajani joke! even Ghajini remembers Rajani!!!!

An email was sent from Mysore to Bangalore, Rajanikanth stopped it at Mandya.

Why does earthquake occur ?????
Ans: because at that time Rajanikanth's mobile is on vibration mode!

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