Friday, February 26, 2016

Ladies Discuss Sex Life

Mrs Shukla: I notice that when I go down on Shuklaji and give a blowjob his balls are always cold.

Mrs Khosla: Mr Khosla's balls are cold too, when I give Blowjob.

Mrs Nair is shocked, How can you both do such thing, It is disgusting.

Both explain to mrs nair that a blowjob is the best way in getting him to buy Jewelry.

Mrs. Nair agrees and says-I will try tonight.

Next Day....Both are shocked to see Mrs Nair's face bruised and beaten black and blue,

What Happened they asked??

Mrs Nair: Mr. Nair did this.

Ladies: But why ??

Mrs Nair: I don't know, I was giving blowjob and all I said was - Hey your balls are also cold like Mr. Shukla and Mr. Khosla!!

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